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Enerpia Co., Ltd.

Enerpia Co., Ltd.

Floor Heating Cable

Floor Heating Cable

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Floor Heating Cable

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What is the Non-Magnetic Heating Cable?

It is a form of heating system with utilizes heat conduction and radiant heat for indoor climate control.
Heat can be provided by electric cable instead of a boiler or a water circulation motor and its installation is easy. Dry or humid heat as the 21st century energy efficient heating system delivers to the entire room and the people without any harmful effects due to 7.5 mm heat conductor, double coated PE cable, and the electromagnetic wave preventing screen. 

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Structure of floor heating cable​

Benefits & Usage

  • Ground return(Earth return) to improve safety
  • Non-magnetic, Single point power connection to increase work efficiency
  • Fasting heating for non residential building
  • Easy and economical to install and operate ideal for an accommodation
  • School, Office, Restraint, Work place, Night watchman's room, Waiting room, Dormitory, Rest area, Security office, etc.
  • Auditorium, Conference room, Swimming pool, Barn, Aqua Farm, Greenhouse Heat.

Specifications Underfloor Heating Cable(Dual)

Model No. Power(w/h) Dimensions Apply Area(m2) Remarks
EP25W11L 275w/h 11m x Ø7.5mm 1.65m2 25W/M
7 Core Double Line
Heating Conductor : 2 string
Copper / PVC
Copper Braided
Thickness 7.5mm
EP25W22L 550w/h 22m x Ø7.5mm 3.30m2
EP25W33L 825w/h 33m x Ø7.5mm 4.95m2
EP25W44L 1100w/h 44m x Ø7.5mm 6.60m2
EP25W55L  1,375 w/h 55m x Ø7.5mm 8.25m2
EP25W66L 1650w/h 66m x Ø7.5mm 9.90m2
EP25W77L 1,925 w/h 77m x Ø7.5mm 11.55m2
EP25W88L 2200w/h 88m x Ø7.5mm 13.20m2
EP25W110L 2750w/h 110m x Ø7.5mm 16.50m2

Specifications Underfloor Heating Cable(Single)

Model No. Power(w/h) Dimensions Apply Area(m2) Remarks
EP20W14C 280w/h 14m x Ø5.5mm 1.65m2 20W/M
7 Core One Line
Heating Conductor : 2 string
Copper / PVC
Copper Braided
Thickness 5.5mm
EP20W21C 420w/h 21m x Ø5.5mm 2.60m2
EP20W29C 580w/h 29m x Ø5.5mm 3.60m2
EP20W35C 700w/h 35m x Ø5.5mm 4.30m2
EP20W49C 980w/h 49m x Ø5.5mm 6.00m2
EP20W56C 1120w/h 56m x Ø5.5mm 6.90m2
EP20W70C 1400w/h 70m x Ø5.5mm 8.60m2
EP20W105C 2100w/h 105m x Ø5.5mm 13.20m2
EP20W140C 2800w/h 140m x Ø5.5mm 16.50m2

Construction cross-section

Construction procedure


1. Design blueprint

 2. Install insulating materials  3. Install wire mesh
도면설계 은박매트 설치 와이어매쉬 설치

 4. Wiring heating cable

 5. Performance test

 6. Cement mortar
 7. Install finishing materials

8. Install thermostat

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